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“Matthiasson wines bear an agricultural stamp, as fresh, lively and alive
 as the best produce from a farmers’ market” —Eric Asimov, NY Times

Jill and Steve Matthiasson started making wine in their backyard a month after they started dating. In 2003, they started making wines to sell when Steve happened upon an undiscovered jewel of a vineyard in the Napa Valley. Naming the winery MATTHIASSON was the easy part; the hard part was convincing people that a tiny, unknown winery could produce world-class, balanced, fresh tasting, food friendly wines from the Napa Valley. In the ensuing 20 years, Jill and Steve have since become internationally acclaimed vintners, with their wines being featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle (where Steve was named “Winemaker of the Year”), Bon Appétit Magazine, In-Style Magazine, Decanter Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, and The Wine Spectator, to name a few. The MATTHIASSON story has also been told in several wine-related books including How to Love Wine, The Juice, and The New California Wine, as well as being featured in the SOMM movies, including SOMM 2, SOMM 3 and SOMM TV. Steve’s day job involves him advising some of the most prestigious Napa Valley wineries and vineyards on improving grape quality. And when Jill isn’t managing the family wine business, she is picking fresh fruit from her orchards and selling it to local restaurants and preserving the fruits and vegetables that she and Steve grow in their garden.

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