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Rory's Bakehouse

Rory holding a plate of baked goods, smiling off into the distance

Rory comes to the world of food and hospitality honestly, hailing from a family of restaurateurs. Rory always knew that she would have a career in food. There was never a question that she would do something else. After a many years journey of moving jobs and places, Rory has settled in the Napa Valley with her own, well-earned business.

“It was this appreciation for connecting with people and helping create treasured memories that helped spur Rory to launch her own business when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and she found herself stuck at home. Always a people person with a love of hospitality, she had long dreamt of finding a way to bring her passion for baking into people's lives and kitchens. With Rory's Bakehouse, she has been able to realize this dream, finding new and creative ways to connect with people. She takes great pleasure in the focus on baking at home, explaining, ‘I love that people get to experience the smells and the feeling of baking without all the work. It helps form an emotional connection that is really important to me.’”

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